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December and Every 10 years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Center for Environmental Information updates what are called "climate normals." NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). Tropical storm tracks are created using the latest data from NHC, JTWC, NRL and IBTrACS. DO NOT use for the preservation of life or property! The program itself uses the data collected in postcensal population estimates and the 10-year census population count, which calculates the difference between the two, and distributes that difference across the intermediary years, providing a yearly population estimate that is then retroactively verified. International makes a significant difference in both average maximum Explore where these weather factors are staying average and when the monthly average hit a 20-year anomaly. Tallahassee, FL 32306, Questions or Comments This map shows how dry or humid the airfeels. The warmest nights, or highest average minimum temperatures typically occur at Key West. November 2022. United States Map. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. March 2023; April 2023; May 2023; June 2023; July 2023; August 2023 . During the summer, average high temperatures range from near 95 F (35 C) in northern Florida to near 90 F (32 C) in the Keys. And, the warmer oceans are changing wildlife patterns. Climate in Florida is comprised of many factors that impact our communities, schools, and businesses over time. Population numbers are calculated by grouping county-level populations //, Source Agency: Monthly (within first week of each month). These spots may be from fire or other sources of heat such as hot smoke or agriculture. 90 68 4 90 65 Wed 01 | Day 86 WSW 8 mph Partly cloudy. Zone 10. Information regarding the temperature, precipitation and sunshine for more than 5000 cities in the United States. Track tropical storms, wildfire smoke, cloud movement andmore. 121 - 150 days > 86F. Weather Radio From there, these high temperatures spread Like Alaska, such data limitations required us to constrict our 20th century averages to the years available. (Primary South Florida Climate Sites) Updated regularly, but not necessarily daily, these records are UNOFFICIAL.